Tumblr, why won’t you upload my gifs? They aren’t too big. Stop giving me an error when I try to post them. 

Endless list of gorgeous men»1/

Endless list of fabulous women»4/ 

Endless list of fabulous women»3/ 

Endless list of fabulous women»2/ 

Endless list of fabulous women»1/ 

My heart has never sunk so low with worry. My boyfriend was supposed to get out of work at 7 and he still isn’t home. I texted him a while ago and he texted me around 9:20 saying he was on his way. Still no sign of him. Our roommate just came downstairs and told me he had to go pick him up. My first thought was that he was in an accident because it’s snowing and our roads get back when it snows and his car is terrible in the snow. He just has a flat tire, but I have no idea where he is. Our roommate does, though. But, he could have texted me or called me to tell me what was going on. He knows I worry and ugh. My ramblings are done.